1. Register as a member

Before you start shopping, we recommend you to register an account. If you are already a member, you may log in your account. Checkout as a guest is also acceptable at our website.


2. Start shopping

Choose products from categories provided at the left or use "Advance search" to find products. On the desired product, fill up quantity and click "add to cart" button. To shop for more products, click product and repeat the steps.


3. Modify quantity in shopping cart

If you wish to change quantity of a product after adding to cart, on "shopping cart" page, change quantity and click "Update quantities". If you wish to cancel the whole product, click on the trash next to product.


4. Select shipping method

After adding all desired products to cart, choose appropriate shipping method and check out. Enter credit card information if you have not done so in member registration.


5. Payment Options and Requirement

We accept US-issued credit cards and Alipay (支付寶) only. Credit cards issued outside United States are not acceptable due to security reasons. 

Your billing address needs to match your credit card statement billing address or your order will not be accepted.

Additionally, verify that your card number, security code (a three digit number on the back of your card's signature panel for Visa, MasterCard and Discover transactions and a four digit number on the front of the card for American Express transactions) and expiration date are correct.

Alipay (支付寶) is an alternative payment method for customers who doe not have an US-issued credit card. Customers purchase products or services from our website and make a payment in RMB. Alipay will deduct the payment from your account in real-time.


6. Check out

Before submitting your order, verify all information on the final check out page. Click the "Place order" button. You shall be assigned an order number online and shall receive an order confirmation email. 


7. Order audit

To prevent credit card fraud, we're running a manual order audit procedure. After you place your order, we may audit your order with proper

*Billing & shipping information matches: Low risk. We may not audit your order.

*Billing & shipping information not matches: Medium risk. We may contact the customer by Email or phone to obtain the ID photocopies and payment card photocopies to make sure the order is placed with the authorization of the card holders. If we failed to obtain the proof of authorizatin within 24 hours, we may cancel your order.

*Shipping address is a carrier hub: High risk. The order will be cancelled immediately.

*Customer uses a suspected proxy server to place an order: High risk. The order will be cancelled immediately. Meanwhile, we'll report the shipping information, including not not limited to name/address/phone number, to the federal departments to perform a criminal investigation.